AJM Polyfilters Ltd were approached by a specialist manufacturing company who had secured a H2020 grant to fund the development of a new recycling plant within the metals recovery industry.

Initial Trials

AJM Polyfilters Ltd worked closely with the customer in conducting trials at the customers site. This was due to the nature of the material and the danger of toxic gases being emitted.

These tests were conducted using AJM Polyfilters Ltd specialist equipment, and a detailed technical specification was developed with the customer.

Pilot Plant

The customer had previously been using a centrifuge for the filtration process and had a small pilot plant which they required to conduct a number of addition scaling up test.

AJM Polyfilters Ltd developed a 1m2 static filter to allow these tests to be performed while keeping the ongoing costs to absolute minimum.

These tests were successful, and the customer placed an order for a 12m2 filter with single stage counter current washing facility.

Production Plant

The 12m2 plant was installed and commissioned on site at the demonstration plant, the filter exceeded the customer expectations and continues to run 24/7 with minimal maintenance.

A details maintenance schedule was developed with the customer to ensure the operations remained at 100% availability.

3D schematic of the filter