Powdered Metals

A European Customer approached AJM Polyfilters Ltd to discuss the design and development of a filter system suitable for there production process. They had run trails using a rubber carrier belt filter which hadn’t been acceptable in terms of moisture content or cleanliness

Initial Trials

Initial trials in the Laboratory demonstrated that the customers material was suitable for our filter system and using the production rate provided and the end moisture content we confirmed that our filter would achieve the requirements.

Pilot Filter

AJM Polyfilters Ltd agree a rental agreement with the customer to provide a 2m2 Polyfilter for the customer to conduct in house trials. This filter was manufactured specifically for this application due to the very high flow rates.

The filter was installed on site at the customer and the initial trials demonstrated and issue with the filter size. Further laboratory tests with the customer production material demonstrated that this had changes significantly from the original test sample.

It was agreed that a extension to the pilot filter was required and an addition 1m section was added. This was due to the unique “Polyfilters” modular design. Once installed ( in one day on site ) the filter started to give the required results but not consistently.

Fig 1 Extended filter

At the customer request a metal Powder technical consultant was supplied to the customer and a unacceptable variable was identified in the production process upstream of the filter. The customer corrected the production process and the consistency of material was returned to the initial test sample.

The customer then removed the additional section from the filter and the process parameters continued to be exceeded.

The customer then agreed to purchase the initial pilot filter and placed an order for a second filter.

Production Filters

The customers ongoing requirements was to have two filters operating back to back at the top of a 20m tower, allowing gravity to feed the drying process and classification below.

Both filters were identical and utilised identical components to reduce the need to hold extensive spares. The filter cloths were identical in size and specification.

These filters were installed on to the tower and continue to operated 24/7 with sensors giving detailed feedback to the Plant control system.

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