Advance Materials

Initial Work

AJM Polyfilters Ltd conducted initial in house laboratory test work using our specially designed test equipment to identify the suitability of the filter for the process. ( see Test Procedures)

These initial tests proved to be highly effective for the product and the Company placed an order for a pilot filter to further their product development.

Phase 1

The original 0.78m2 filter built on a very tight budget due to the constraints of the funding programme.

Vacuum ancillary skid with a single stage current wash facility to improve the wash performance and reduce the fresh water usage.

Within hours of being delivered to site the Filter and ancillaries were temporally installed and producing material for samples to potential clients.

The filter was utilised on pre-production work to improve the chemistry of the material.

Phase 2

Due to the success of Phase One, the customer required additional capacity to keep up with sample demands.

An extension was proposed to the filter. Thanks to the modular design of “The Polyfilter” a new 1m section was added to the filter increasing the effective filtration area from 0.78-1.08m2, thus giving a 38% increase in production capacity.

Phase 3

Following the success of the EU funded Project, the material was gaining international accreditation and increase business.

The company then ordered a 10m2 filter for the production facility. This was to replicate the pilot filter with counter current washing .

The process has proved to be very reliable and cost effective in the manufacture of this unique advance material.

This filter was delivered and installed in 2017, the business is continue to grow with the proposal for additional plants to be installed at strategic locations worldwide. AJM Polyfilters Ltd will continue to support this business and supply filters for each of these new facilities.