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The POLYFILTER Horizontal Process Filter is probably the most versatile filter in the market place today. If your product, or effluent sludge, can be filtered in the laboratory on a Buchner filter, it can be filtered on the plant with the POLYFILTER Horizontal Process Filter.
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AJM Polyfilters Ltd has over 30 years of process engineering experience, in a wide range of specialist industries. We also have a network of industry specialist we can call upon when needed.

We provide a comprehensive package of process improvement suggestions and can if required be involved in the implementation of these recommended changes.

This doesn’t necessarily involve our Polyfilters Filter as we can advise on other types of filtration systems, i.e. pressure plate filters, rubber carrier belt filters and centrifuges.

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AJM Polyfilters Ltd will professionally analyse your specific requirements and following comprehensive testing of your material in our Laboratory we will advise on the most suitable filtration technology for your application.

We will consider your specific requirements, whether you are recovering the liquid, solid or both. Do you need to have clean solid or recover more of the liquid? We can discuss washing systems including counter current washing of the solids.

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Our Work

Advance Materials

Initial Work AJM Polyfilters Ltd conducted initial in house laboratory test work using our specially designed test equipment to identify the suitability of the filter …

Our Work

Powdered Metals

A European Customer approached AJM Polyfilters Ltd to discuss the design and development of a filter system suitable for their production process. They had run …

Our Work


AJM Polyfilters Ltd were approached by a specialist manufacturing company who had secured a H2020 grant to fund the development of a new recycling plant …